Saturday, June 6, 2009

Let me free...

Being a Sagittarian this feeling to break open and run away to a place where i don't belong is very natural. Its like God has prescribed a short weekend or a week holiday once a month as a mandatory rule to survive much to my friends surprise & envy. But I guess I am mother natures girl and need to go back to ma roots to revive & uplift my spirits to draw a new dream or a new hope... Beaches, Mountains, Valley, Greenery, Farm house, Train, flights etc... be it ne place where u r not leading your routine life where u get to meet strangers and exchange experiences
I remember once travelling from Pune to Mumbai in the local S.T bus as we were brook. We were 13 girls and only money left with us was the bus fare. The Queue to our surprise was as tall as "chane ka jaad ;-)" i mean as tall as my statement!! But we had no option but to wait in the scorching heat to buy out tickets.
We started interacting with the passengers in the Queue with our FAQ's which they happily replied as their only time pass were our Kaun Banega Crorepati types questions and slowly the players to claim for fame by answering the question started expanding and soon the questions got replaced to Indian's favorite picnic timepass Antakshari. I will never forget how the local vendors selling pop corns etc. offered us one free snacks as we had no money to buy and we gave them good business in d form of spectators to fill their free time with our cheerful songs & stomach with the pop corns!!
Finally the moment we all were waiting for (no not for the blog to end) our Tickets!! We were in the bus which was no more looked like an ordinary ST bus but an privately booked bus with all ours new friends in it!! We played Housie (another famous game) and we were their entertainers and guess what we hit the jackpot and got Full house price money Rs. 50 good enough to buy Vada Pav and Cold drink for all of us.
We thought our journey in ST will be the worst nightmare, which much to the delight of all my friends including Me was one to the most memorable bus ride. The conductor (condu) was also a part of our team & he too helped us with few old Marathi songs when we were in need of 1, an old uncle who was upset of leaving his grand children as he had to resume work @ Mumbai and many others completely lost in the run ride keeping all their worries @ bay.

You know which was the BEST part of the trip, Grandpa whom we lovingly called "Aajoba" started dancing with us and when he got breatheless he sat down and catching his missing breathe started singing "Aaj phir jeene ke tamana hai...." in between all the shore sharaba everybody stopped what they were singing and started cheering Aajoba's song with their clap. Shall never forget that smile on his face & the satisfaction in his eyes, am assuming he felt as if he was a rockstar & has given an electrifying performance which indeed it was....
There are so many stories, experiences which i would like to share to the one's who think that, "Y travel so much and exert physically and spend the mollah's too, it is always better to buy Plasma wide screen TV & travel across the globe with Travel & Living or other travelling programs/channels" .
Hey Tanvi (10v) thanks for writing such encouraging blogs which has encouraged me (an vocal expression person) to pen down my experiences & thoughts. Am not a professional blogger & don't intend to be 1 either in fact i don't care if m making ne sense in ma blogs too as far it is Dil se...
Shall keep updating as soon as i find time Tanni, till then off for a vacation!! :-)

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  1. Hey darling, I am honoured and very pleased that you chose to start penning down your thoughts.
    However, I still challenge you to try and manage to replace ur blog writing with meeting

    Good luck with ur new experience babes...Hope to read more soon. :)