Friday, June 26, 2009

Jai Jagannath!!

Jagannath Puri's Rath yatra!! 

10 day when lord visit's his Masi (aunty's) house  and is off for a vacation. They say this 10 day lord is out of his home to spend time with his followers. It is believed that when lords Rath is been pulled by millions of bhakts all other forms of God is present there to shower flowers on the rath. Before they pull the rath Raja of Puri sweeps the rath with Gold broom to set an example that everyone is equal in front of Lord. All this making me laugh, Lord on a vacation and other God paying their tribute etc how our ancestors imagination made good stories and we blinded with Bhakti just follow what our ancestors believed in. My mum used to tell me seeing is believing & i used to say, "Aha! is it?"
When we reached the VIP lounge (which is just outside that temple, opp. the 3 rath) I saw a huge gathering of Bhakts (in a narrow lane of 2 - 3 kms filled with  12 lakh ppl)  in  43 degree temprature making all of them melt almost & crushed to death!! What was suprising was thou people were fainting because of sun stroke, getting crushed to death but NOONE had pain in their eyes infact they had that SHRADDHA & SATISFACTION in their eyes the Joy in their chants and a BELIEF that my lord is there to take care of me.
That is when I felt something. Something that is beyond words or something that Lord Buddha must have felt during nirvana. A soul is me was making me feel so light that i felt i was on a different planet! My conscience was clear and no thoughts running in my mind just one name "Shri Krishnam Sharnam Mamah" and could see the lord alive rite in front of me in the form of Shraddha, Hope and Belief! Thats the 1st time I could understand Y they say, United we stand". Like arjun in Mahabharat I could just see my lord and me, every pain, grief, complains, anger, ill feelings, negativity in me had vanished! I was just smiling and Thanking lord, how you feel , "If i get 1 chance to meet God would ask dis or dat" trust me the day u do, u just could not say anything except THANK YOU!!
The icing to the whole experience was we got the Platinum opportunity to Hug Lord Balramji, Maa Subadra & Jaggannathji's idol. Imagine you "Hugging" LORD!!! Aaisa kya punya, kaunsa aashirwad ya dua thi jo manzoor ho gayi aaj!! Real meaning of Bliss was understood the reason for this life was found.....  
One must visit Jannathpuri's rath yatra on the 1st day to know & undertsand what i am saying. when i used to watch the yatra on T.V. it was just another Yatra but your one visit shall change not only the way you think about it but also d way u think and take life....
Thank you Mum, Dad & Mama for this opportunity and such good upbringing that brought us so close to God esp. our soul. 


  1. Welcome back darling.

    It feels like i was there when i read ur post...Keep up the good work.

  2. Darling,

    Have tagged you on the latest post... Try writing on that topic, thats what tagging is about.

    I miss your writing. Come back soon. :)